Peter Faulding, a world-renowned forensics expert and founder of Specialist Group International, and his team of divers have been brought in to help find missing mother-of-two.

He has vowed if she is in the river he will find her ‘in minutes’.

He has even trained military members and police search advisers in the UK and acted as a guest instructor with the US Secret Service, FBI and American military.

Anthony Bessick, 57, who was a drama coach at Tring Park School of Performing Arts under his real name Anthony Cooke, also sent inappropriate messages to three schoolgirls, a teaching misconduct panel heard. 

Deep Throat was a huge international success in the early 1970s.

It was in 1980 that Linda revealed in her book, Ordeal, how much she had suffered during the making of that film. She’d been bullied and beaten by her then husband, Chuck Traynor. He had forced her into prostitution, she wrote, with a gun at her head. 

Andrea Riseborough (pictured) plays an alcoholic mother who leaves her son behind to go and have fun in In To Leslie

He was arrested on child pornography charges in March 2016 and eventually pleaded guilty to child endangerment in October 2017.

He received a two-year suspended prison sentence and was placed on lifetime parole.

After being lobbied on the ‘importance of treating porn neutrally as another sexual activity’, the Natsal team agreed.

Respondents will be asked if they think using porn has a positive or negative impact on their sex lives, but not about how it might affect their relationships.

Billie Morgan, 35, from Southampton, pleaded guilty to one count of revenge porn and unrelated charges of stealing at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court after posting a picture of her victim in the shower online.

Happy: Georgia shot a smile as she worked up a sweat on a rowing machine

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