“With (the) public’s responses to officer-involved shootings, I really felt it was important to have that perspective of what the officer most likely can see and the best point of view to see that from is the barrel of the handgun,” said Robert Masterson, King City police chief.

The company hailed the trial as an historic event and boasted that it was the world’s first-ever officer-involved shooting to be captured by a gun camera, reported CSR managing director and chief executive Rob Sindel will quit within 12 months after a “difficult period” in the building cycle during which the company’s share price halved and its troubled Viridian Glass business was put up for sale.

As legalisation of cannabis gathers steam across states — New York and New Mexico will allow marijuana for recreational purposes in the next few years — politicians are looking at ways to make it easier for the sector to access banking services.

The construction materials provider said an internal and external search had begun for Mr Sindel’s successor after his eight years in the role, with an update expected when the company’s full-year results are reported in May.

The building and industrial materials supplier said on Friday its revenue lifted 6.0 per cent to $1.4 billion, though steady demand from the detached housing market and bpo growth in commercial projects was offset by slower activity in high-rise apartments, and a drop in earnings on aluminium.

After recovering, I decided to change career to become an art teacher, at 41.

I’ve always found painting mindful and it is so fulfilling to help children. This is so important as you get older. Don’t waste time doing things you don’t want to do.

Reddit targeting a short-squeeze in Tilray means a quick pump and dump,” said Jasper Lawler, head of research at London Capital Group in London, while others looked longer-term at benefits from potential legislative changes under Biden and his Democratic allies in Congress. “I´m splitting the outlook in two.

The construction materials supplier on Wednesday reported revenue for continuing operations for the year to March 31 rose four per cent to $2.32 billion, but revenue from its discontinued glass unit fell by $50 million, or 13 per cent, to $318.9 million.

But it can be affordable for most budgets if you base meals on pulses and vegetables, which are very good value (particularly box schemes) – or grow your own – and eat less meat, in line with current health advice. ‘Eating organic is often thought to cost more.

I was told my 8kg Indesit tumble dryer is a fire safety… Have my investment bonds from Global Water Group just gone… GRACE ON THE CASE: VW Financial Services told me I’d paid…





My elderly relative insists on turning on his oven and…

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SES says it has explained on several occasions that you should ignore any bills and not worry about them, as it would definitely not be disconnecting you.

In fact, it is against the law to cut off a domestic household supply.