Caramel Apple: Mix diced apples into batter and top cooked pancakes with caramel drizzle. It is not at all uncommon for little bits of food that fall on the ground and mix with chemicals on the floor to find their way into dogs’ stomachs. SO good and filling, plus a way healthier hangover fix to pair with burgers than cheese or the batch of fries sitting in the back of my freezer. Other than the classic avocado toast (and I definitely ate that), here are a few other avocado recipes I enjoyed throughout the week: avocado-cilantro gazpacho, tuna-stuffed avocados, avocado “nice” cream, grilled avocados stuffed with black bean and quinoa salad, and baked avocado fries. Taste: “horrible gritty banana”, “the aftertaste of Marmite”, “nice banana”, “banana antibiotics”, “I recently ate some fried eggs that tasted like banana – the sweetie not the actual egg”, “cold coffee”, “3/10 and only because I liked chemistry at school”, “banana out of 10”, “when I said Marmite I meant Bovril”.

What should I do if my dog ate chocolate? You’re digging into some tasty food and your dog is giving you that look. I prefer to chew my food than drink it, so smoothies are not my thing. I tried to reason myself out of it, but couldn’t. ’ They can see you’re enjoying it, so why wouldn’t they. Only then can your vet diagnose the severity of the poisoning and know whether your pet needs immediate treatment. This is not a risk to your dog because it contains a very low level of the chemical which causes the toxic effects, and therefore treatment is not required. The sooner the treatment begins, the higher the chances of your dog getting over the chocolate poisoning without permanent damages. Milk chocolate has far less Theobromine than darker chocolates so, as the chart shows, dogs are less affected and the urgency may be less, depending on the size of the dog and the amount consumed.

The amount of theobromine and caffeine in chocolate vary depending on the amount of cocoa solids used, growing conditions, sources, and varieties of cocoa beans used. White chocolate contains the lowest amount of toxicity, while dark chocolate is the highest. That never happens. Even paired with chips, my guacamole was way healthier than all the other options, making it the perfect way to avoid mindlessly snacking while drinking. Plus, while the texture was thick and creamy like cake batter, it was a way too green for my taste. But I know they’re an easy way to get a healthy dose of greens, so I made up my own recipe with a whole avocado, milk, yogurt, and touch of honey. On day four I decided to have avocados for dessert and found a recipe for paleo chocolate-avocado pudding made with just one avocado, unsweetened cocoa powder, honey, and coconut milk. But one afternoon I tried some watermelon and half an avocado, topping it with a sprinkle of Tajin spices my friends brought me from my native Tucson.

One form of rodenticide triggers internal bleeding; the other causes neurologic problems. A red velvet cake’s main ingredients are unhealthy for dogs, causing serious health problems and even death. For some foods that’s true, but for others it can lead to problems. Can Dogs Eat Red Velvet Cake? Even a small bite of red velvet cake can be too much for a dog, especially if they are small dogs or puppies. No, dogs cannot eat red velvet cake. So, what about red velvet cake? President Herbert Hoover (served 1929-1933) and state governors urged Americans to donate to the Red Cross and to other charitable organizations. A favorite of former president Bill Clinton, McClard’s Bar-B-Q has been a family owned restaurant since 1928. McClard’s began as a motel, and a traveler who couldn’t pay his bill offered up a recipe for the world’s best barbecue sauce, which the owners accepted. This former 15th-century monastery is more than a sanctuary of introspection.