Hindi Sex and coronavirus couples must wear masks during sex to prevent coronavirus infection

World Sexual Health Day 2020: Know why Canadian expert advised couples to wear masks during sex in Corona epidemic

Sex and coronavirus in Hindi: The cases of Coronavirus are not taking the name of stopping in India. A total of more than 39 lakh corona cases have been reported in the country. The daily growth is also being recorded at a very fast pace.

For the last two days, more than 80 thousand new cases of corona have been reported every day. This is a very worrying situation. People are living in their homes for the last 5-6 months.

The fear is so much that the problems of stress and anxiety have started increasing among people. It has also affected relationships to a great extent. However, it is a matter of happiness for some couples as they are getting enough time to be with each other.

But, negative news has also come to the fore that couples need to be very cautious while having sexual intercourse. There is talk of wearing a mask (Sex and coronavirus) during sex. Know, on ‘World Sexual Health Day 2020’ (World Sexual Health Day 2020) why it is necessary to abstain from sex during the Corona period…

Dr. Theresa Tam, a Chief Medical Officer of Canada, says that couples need to take special precautions while having sex during the Corona epidemic. When they are having sexual intercourse, they should wear a mask and avoid kissing during corona.

By wearing a mask during sex, you can avoid getting infected with the coronavirus to a great extent. This thing should be taken care of when the partner is new. There are many people for whom the symptoms of corona are not visible. In such a situation, think before having sex with anyone.

Make sure to use the mask while being alert, otherwise the risk of getting infected with Kovid-19 increases to a great extent.

Men’s sperm does not cause coronavirus

According to Dr. Tam, during sex, the chances of getting corona infection from men’s sperm or liquid discharge from women’s vaginas are very low, but having sex with a new person or partner can be risky. Especially kissing should be avoided because the saliva or droplets of the mouth can increase the chances of getting corona. If you want to have safe sex (Sex and coronavirus in Hindi), then establish a physical relationship only by wearing a mask. Men must also use condoms during sex.

Avoid kissing

If you do not want to get infected with corona, then avoid kissing your partner while having sex. Especially avoid mouth-to-mouth kissing. Wear a mask while making sexual relations (Sex and coronavirus in Hindi). Keep mouth and nose well covered. If the spouse has symptoms like a cold, cough, or sore throat, then avoid having sex. Avoid making physical relations with new people during the Corona period, because you do not know whether the person with whom you are having a relationship is infected with Corona or not.

What do earlier studies say

The World Health Organization (WHO) had said that Coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease. If you already know your partner or you live with each other, then having sex with your partner is less likely to spread the coronavirus. However, if anyone sees symptoms of coronavirus, then it is better not to come close to each other for a few days.

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