Roy Keane has been hailed as ‘Irish to the core’ after footage emerged of his hilarious total non-reaction to scoring for England against Senegal. 

Kane scored on the brink of half-time to put 2-0 up against the African champions in their World Cup last-16 match-up, in a game that went on to finish 3-0 to the Three Lions. 

Keane, working for as a pundit, appeared totally unmoved by the goal as his co-pundits Ian Wright and wildly celebrated from their gantry position.

Rather than join in, Keane simply turned back to the desk and scribbled something onto a piece of paper ahead of a chat at half-time. 

Roy Keane (right) was unmoved by England's second goal against Senegal as he made notes

Roy Keane (right) was unmoved by England’s second goal against Senegal as he made notes

Gary Neville (left) and Ian Wright wildly celebrated from ITV's television studio in the ground

Gary Neville (left) and Ian Wright wildly celebrated from ITV’s television studio in the ground

‘I will never stop loving this man,’ one Twitter user wrote. 

‘Keano Irish to the core,’ another added. 

Others pointed to Keane’s professionalism given he is attending the game to work. 

‘Boring tweet here, but Roy Keane’s reaction is normal for someone being paid to work at a game,’ another Twitter user wrote. 

Keane was on a different page to Neville and Wright from the off, revealing he was annoyed by Senegal’s boisterous fans just minutes into coverage of Sunday night’s match.

Irish fans delighted at Keane's decision to ignore his co-pundits celebrations for England

Irish fans delighted at Keane’s decision to ignore his co-pundits celebrations for England

He said: ‘It is [the World Cup] and it is lovely, but it is annoying.’ 

Neville and Wright were jumping for joy at the display of Jude Bellingham, the 19-year-old midfielder who is stealing the show at the World Cup so far.  

Even Keane, nonplussed by England’s goals and irked by Senegal’s fans, waxed lyrical of the Borussia Dortmund star. 

‘When it’s a bit tight you need a midfielder to run and meu objectives produce a bit of magic, and that’s what Bellingham did,’ Keane said, in response to England’s opening goal which Bellingham teed up for Jordan Henderson.

Keane has heaped praise on Bellingham for his performance against Senegal

Bellingham got an assist in a dominant display

Keane (left) heaped praise on Jude Bellingham (right) for his ‘superstar’ performance in England’s 3-0 last-16 win over Senegal at the Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday evening

‘This is what you want from a midfielder, powerful, strong, anticipation, a little bit of luck but it’s game over.

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‘He’s going to be a superstar that kid.

We keep using the word but maturity, he plays like he’s played 100 times for England.

‘I’ve not seen a young midfielder perform like that for years. You usually see it from a world-class player who’s 26, 27. Everything he does in the game.We talk about what goes on in his brain.

‘He’s got that maturity, his decision-making, what’s going on upstairs – it’s huge for a midfielder. End product, final pass, the kid has everything.’